Tuesday, September 15, 2009

When does a woman allow her mother to be a woman too.

As a woman who is also a mother, I dream about the day when I can go back to being just a woman, maybe I'll still be a wife, but I think you know what I mean. As I sit here thinking about it I wonder how my mother feels. Does she come to visit me when she would rather go some place fun, different, exciting. While my children are alive will I ever be allowed to just be a woman again; free to make choices for myself without worrying about what the children will think. Something as simple as will I be able to take a vacation just for the heck of it or will I have to go where my family goes, for the rest of my life.
I listen to women complain how their mothers haven't come to see them but those same mothers travel to Vegas, the Caribbean, or Europe. I have done the same with the in-laws, because my mother comes to visit me, I'm so lucky! I thought I was better than everyone else, I'm happy that my mother goes fun places and enjoys herself, but then I realized that I'm not better than anyone else, as I said I was lucky because she does come to visit, I just haven't ever been tested. Until now. And guess what I'm just like the others, who get along with their mothers, I want her to visit me and not go someplace else for her vacation.
I guess no matter how old the child gets there is always a selfish side waiting to come out.

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